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Thunderbolt Community,

We have 180 children signed up to receive a gift this year and we are at 89 sponsors.  Please consider sponsoring a child over the Holidays!

 Each family in need is asked to provide us with a list of FOUR $25 items each child needs/wants including clothing, shoes, coats, toys, books, gift cards, etc.  

 Three ways YOU can help...

 1--Families, organizations, etc. that may be interested in sponsoring a child or a family will be matched with a child/family and given all FOUR $25 gift items per child to purchase. ($100)

If you are interested or would like more information please view the link below.  Please sign up by November 1st if you are interested. 

This process is confidential for both the giver and the receiver.


 2--A Sign Up link will be sent out district wide in mid November that will allow you to sign up to purchase the requested individual gifts for the children. ($25/each)


3 – We will also accept any monetary donations that can be put towards the purchase of gift items for the children. Checks should be made payable to ACES PTO. (Please send by November 21st)

Thank you in advance for helping to bring joy to our Littlestown Families this holiday season!

 Questions you may have?

  1. How much do I need to spend on gifts? In an effort to create consistency between siblings and among families, we ask that each gift item be $25.  (Each child:  4 items x $25=$100)

  2. Do presents need to be wrapped? NO, please do not wrap gifts. We will provide each family with paper, tape, and bows to do their own wrapping, so they can see what is being given to their children.

  3. Where do I deliver gifts? Gifts should be dropped off in the ACES office by Thursday, December 8th

If you have any questions about the Caring & Sharing program please contact Sarah Staub at or Jen Myers at 

Thank you,

ACES PTO Caring & Sharing Committee