Littlestown Athletics

Hello Thunderbolt Family!

We are looking forward to the community gathering to support the many Thunderbolt Athletic Events coming up this school year! While we look forward to experiencing exciting environments, thrilling plays, and competitive rivalry, it is also important to understand spectator expectations at events! Here at Littlestown, we take pride in the way our community conducts itself and we hold Thunderbolts in high esteem.

While attending Thunderbolt Events, safety is not only a priority but an expectation. It is our duty to provide a safe environment for all spectators, fans, and student athletes. We ask that the community please adhere to District protocols in order to help us ensure a safe event. In the event of an emergency, please contact an event staff member who will address your needs.

At athletic events, sportsmanship is an expectation. Please remember that coaches, officials, and student athletes all give their best efforts in the spirit of competition. Your paid or complimentary admission allows you to enjoy the exhibition of skills developed by student athletes in an educational setting. We ask that you give our student athletes positive encouragement and support. Booing, taunting, or intimidating coaches, officials, or players is unsportsmanlike and unacceptable. This behavior could result in removal from the facility. We ask that spectators police themselves and hold others accountable at events.

Generally, when attending events at Littlestown, the following admittance procedures apply:

  • All students in Grades K - 6, must be accompanied by an adult when attending an event.

  • Bookbags, equipment, and balls should not be brought into the facility.

  • Bags may be searched at the discretion of event Security.

  • Tobacco products, vaping, illegal substances, and alcohol are strictly prohibited on District grounds.

  • Ticket prices are $5 for adults and $2 for students.

    • Contact the Athletic Office for Senior Citizen Passes at

  • YAIAA, District III, and PIAA Rules and Regulations will be followed.

I encourage the Thunderbolt community to join us this school year as our student athletes embark on another exciting journey in their careers. Littlestown’s student athletes are truly remarkable - they dedicate countless hours to their program and show up every day with grit and determination!  We look forward to sharing their journeys with you and thank you for your support of LASD athletic programs!




Shellee Young

Athletic Director 

Littlestown Area School District