Transportation Information

Bus routes, stops, and the student’s assignments can be changed anytime at the discretion of school authorities.

Permission will NOT be granted for any student to ride a different bus or be picked up or dropped off at a different stop unless administrative permission is granted.

PASBO Transportation Review - October 2015

Parent Request

Transportation will be limited to a maximum of two (2) locations for pick-up and two (2) locations for drop-off. The daily schedule must be consistent for the week. We cannot honor requests for transportation that will vary each week.

Permanent changes in bus stop locations are limited to three (3) times a school year per student. No temporary bus changes will be allowed except for last minute emergencies (i.e., flat tire). Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Bus stop changes, on an assigned bus, will be accepted on a limited basis provided the stop request is an established stop.


No students shall be allowed to attend schools outside the Littlestown Area School District attendance area unless proper enrollment procedures have taken place. It is the responsibility of the certified school and parent to notify Littlestown Area School District of these registrations. This includes students attending a cyber school. To provide transportation, the parent will need to complete and sign a transportation form obtained upon enrollment. The form must be returned to Littlestown Area School District Transportation Department.

Bus Stops

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or sitter to have their child at the designated bus stop. Pupils should be at their assigned bus stops at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. The time on the card at the beginning of the year is not necessarily the time for the whole year. Adjustments will be necessary as the route is tweaked.

Bus Conduct

The student who rides a school bus must abide by the same discipline code followed in school. All bus students will be assigned seats while riding the bus and are to remain in their assigned seat at all times.

Riding a school bus is a privilege, and this privilege could be revoked if the student’s conduct is not befitting a Littlestown Area School District student. All bus rules are posted in the school bus and each building handbook. All bus rules are in effect anytime a student is waiting for, traveling on, or disembarking the bus. The bus driver is the immediate authority on each vehicle. It is the driver’s duty to provide a safe and orderly environment for all students. Any defiance of this authority will be reported to proper school officials and appropriate consequences will result.

Disciplinary actions taken against bus students could result in revoking bus riding privileges temporarily or permanently.

In the event a student is suspended from a bus, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from school.

All our buses are equipped to use video cameras.

Bicycle and Car Regulations

Students in grades 5 through 12 may ride their bicycles and high school students may drive their cars to and from school providing they observe all traffic regulations of the state and school. Refer to MAMS/HS Handbook for specifics.

Crossing Guards

Littlestown Area School District provides crossing guards for various intersections in town. These guards are located at the intersections of: Park and East King Street for Group 1*; King and Queen Streets (square) for Groups 2 and 3; Myrtle and North Queen Street for Groups 2 and 3; Myrtle and Maple Avenue for Groups 2 and 3.

*This guard also crosses children at Myrtle/Park and then walks them to King Street.


Students not living with their parents or legal guardians are required to have legal documentation and proof they are residents of the Littlestown Area School District. This will be required at the beginning of each school year or anytime the residence changes.