Student Handbooks

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Alloway Creek Elementary School

Maple Avenue Middle

Littlestown High School

Rights and Responsibilities Acknowledgment

The information in the Littlestown High School Student Handbook will address and explain the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of a student in the high school.

Each curricular class, co-curricular and extra-curricular activity has guidelines and regulations which need to be followed.

It is important for the student, parent(s)/guardian(s) to understand that 1) lockers are school property and may be opened and searched if there is reasonable suspicion to warrant a search, 2) not all policies, procedures, laws, guidelines which affect a student's education appear in the student handbook, 3) students are responsible and are held accountable for meeting requirements for each curricular area.

There are guidelines, policies, and laws which need to be emphasized in this acknowledgment sheet. Truancy is addressed in Act 29 of 1995 and School Board Policy and Possession of Weapons is addressed in the amendment to Act 26 of 1995, Act 30 of 1997 and School Board Policy 218.1. Tobacco in schools is addressed in Act 145 of 1996 and School Board Policy 222. The Safe and Drug Free School and Community Act 211 addresses drug and alcohol rules, consequences, and education. This corresponds with public law 103-227 and Drug and Alcohol Board Policy 227. Also in place is the district Medication Policy 210, the Terroristic Threats/Acts Policy 218.2, Unlawful Harassment Policy 248 and Computer Ethics, Network Security, and Global Networks 815.

It is important to note certain procedures and regulations may change throughout the year. This may be done to comply with school board policy, laws or to insure a responsible and safe school environment.

Not knowing a rule, regulation, guideline or law does not excuse a student from their responsibility.

Information provided in this handbook is the responsibility of the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

The signatures indicate reading the Rights and Responsibilities Acknowledgment and the opportunity to review the student handbook.