ELL (English Language Learners)

Population of Reference: Students registering in the Littlestown Area School District in grades K-12 whose functional language is other than English. Our goal is to help these students achieve proficiency in the English language, thereby enhancing their potential to progress through the district curriculum.

English Language Learner Program Partner: The Littlestown Area School District works very closely with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit ESL Program to provide the itinerant services of a trained instructor. Keep in mind these are not bilingual services, but rather an effort to provide an "immersion" process in the English language. Students move through the regular education curriculum and the services of the ESL instruction.

Services Provided: In addition to the components of the normal registration process, parents and guardians of ELL students will complete a Home Language Survey which provides the school district more specific information involving the need to be established for this student for ELL services. Those personnel involved with registering in each building will assist parents and guardians in completing the survey. Upon completion of the survey, the Student Services Coordinator will be notified immediately and services will begin.

AT&T Language Line Services: Registration personnel in each building have this service available to use to assist them in registering and providing information for each ELL child and his/her parent/guardian.

English Language Learners (ELL) Inservice Education for Professional Staff: The Littlestown Area School District is required to provide professional education regarding ELL students to all professional employees each school year.

Link to district policy regarding Limited English Proficiency - Policy number 138.