One Call Now

The Littlestown Area School District utilizes an automated parent notification service called One Call Now. The partnership with One Call Now is another demonstration of the District's commitment to you and your child's education and safety.

Calls you receive from either the school or the district through One Call Now will now be listed on caller-ID as: 717-359-4146 (they had previously been listed as 877-698-3261 which you may have added to your cell phone contacts as One Call Now).

When you receive a call from One Call Now, you should hear a 1-2 second tone followed by a general greeting (example: Please hold for an important message from the Littlestown Area School District). After the message has played, you can press the # button to repeat the message.

If you receive a message and need to listen to it again at a later time or your answering machine cuts off the message, you can call into the One Call Now system and listen to the most recent messages sent to your phone. Simply call the toll free number (877-698-3261), at the greeting press 1 and the system will recognize the number from which you are calling. If your number is on the list, One Call Now will play the most recent message. If the number you are calling from is not currently on the list, it will ask you to input your primary 10-digit phone number.

The school district will use One Call Now to inform parents of school closings, early release, and other important district-wide news and emergency notifications. Individual schools will send informational messages to parents regarding upcoming events and activities. One Call Now also has the ability to send these messages via email.

The most important thing parents can do is verify the accuracy of their contact information. We must have updated phone numbers and email addresses in our MMS Software for One Call Now to work effectively and efficiently. We urge parents to verify their contact information on the MMS Parent Portal located on our website. This information can be updated by logging into the Parent/Student Portal, go to the Biographical Tab and click on the recipient's email shown to send your changes. If you do not have access to the Parent Portal on our website, please be sure to inform your child's school of the changes immediately.

The Littlestown Area School District has always been committed to the safety and security of our students. The One Call Now notification system is a valuable and welcome addition to our overall school safety program.