Transportation Department

Mr. Brian Herrell
Transportation Coordinator
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School Bus

Substitute Bus Drivers Needed

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents who want to be off work when their children are not in school. Retirees welcome! CDL training provided.

Crossing at the Designated Crossing Guard Locations

It is always advisable that when a student has to cross a street in the borough, or in the school zones, cross where there is a Crossing Guard. Crossing a street can be dangerous, especially where there is high vehicular traffic. Wait for the crossing guard to cross you and obey their signals at all times.

Distribution of the following transportation information clarifies what is expected of parents and students to ensure your child is provided a safe and efficient bus ride.

Bus Conduct Procedures

  • Littlestown Area School District owned vehicles are equipped with a video monitoring system.
  • The students who ride school buses must abide by the same discipline code they observe while in school.
  • Riding a school bus is a privilege and this privilege may be revoked if the student's conduct jeopardizes the safety of the other students riding the bus. Removal from the bus can be temporary or permanent. Should this occur, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide transportation to and from school.
  • All bus rules are posted on the buses and in each public school building handbook.
  • All school and bus rules are in effect any time a student is waiting for, traveling on, or disembarking the bus.
  • The bus driver is the immediate authority on each vehicle. Any defiance of this authority will be reported to proper school officials and appropriate consequence will result. It is the driver's responsibility to enforce and maintain orderly conduct.
  • The drivers are instructed to handle discipline at the bus level. Verbal warnings and documenting infractions are followed with a bus conduct referral. Referrals are shared with the transportation coordinator and proper administration at the student’s assigned building. Disciplinary actions will be taken as listed in the appropriate building handbook and will be served in accordance with the infraction.

Lost and Found

Is your child missing something? The Transportation Office has collected many items that were left on a bus! Coats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, water bottles, and even a small cooler and a Nintendo are in our collection. Stop by the Transportation building by the end of May to claim your child's items. Anything left in June will be given to an appropriate organization.