National Honor Society Membership

Selection to National Honor Society is a privilege bestowed upon students by the faculty of Littlestown High School. NHS eligibility is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A student must have attended LHS for at least three semesters to be inducted as a new member. Freshmen are not eligible for membership, but are encouraged to begin participating in activities that will improve their membership eligibility for the next year.

The four tenets of NHS membership are outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Each new member will be evaluated on these four criteria and the NHS Faculty Council will determine membership. Below is a detailed description of exactly what criteria students will be judged on. 

Outstanding Scholarship: Students must establish and maintain a 3.70 minimum GPA. The 3.70 GPA is cumulative and weighted. All members are encouraged to participate in courses of rigor, to complete all assignments on time, and to take honor in doing their own work – no plagiarism or copying will be permitted by members and will constitute grounds for a dismissal hearing.

Outstanding Service: NHS is an organization predicated on community service. To become a member, one must complete a minimum of ten community service hours, with proof of service. All service must benefit the community, not just one organization or team. One must serve without material compensation, and must be accompanied by an adult or have proof of adult supervision. Service must fulfill a need of the community or the school, and prospective members must be able to work well with others, be enthusiastic, dependable, helpful, and perform without complaint. Students wishing to become NHS members should contact Mrs. Lawyer (room 16) about joining the current NHS chapter at their offered events.

Outstanding Leadership: Members of NHS must also exhibit leadership qualities. Students must provide leadership in at least two organizations or events to be eligible for membership. These events or organizations can be school or community related. Leadership in the classroom, effective participation in clubs, sports teams, band and chorus organizations count, as well. Good leaders show initiative, responsibility, exhibit positive behaviors, and are dependable, firm, and committed to leading. 

Outstanding Character: NHS membership is contingent on the following characteristics: a NHS member should exhibit trustworthiness, respect for selves and others, responsibility, fairness and equity, empathy and compassion, and citizenship. How will these characteristics be judged? With a minimum of two letters of recommendation based on character. One letter must be from a member of the LHS Faculty, and the other should be from a community member – no family recommendations will be considered.

If you or your family members have any questions about NHS membership, please see Mrs. Lawyer.