Keystone Testing Information

Keystone Testing Information

Littlestown High School will administer the Keystone Winter Exams January 9th - 19th. The testing window is only for students who are retesting or who are in 11th grade and have previously not tested. Your student will receive communication if they are to test.


A copy of the parents’ rights and responsibilities will be emailed home at the same time the Keystone testing schedule is released.


At least two weeks prior to the testing window, assessments will be available for review by parents and guardians. The assessment must be reviewed on district property and district personnel must be present at all times (Dr. Meakin or other administrator). A convenient time for the review will be arranged with the requestor. This may include an evening review time. Proper security and confidentiality of the assessment will be maintained at all times.


Parents and guardians must sign the Parent Confidentiality Agreement. A copy of this will be locally maintained. Parents and guardians may not photocopy, write down, or in any other manner record any portion of the assessments, including directions.


Thank you,


Dr. Meakin