Advanced Placement Continues to Grow

Advanced Placement Continues to Grow

Advanced Placement courses provide students with access to college-level curriculum and success on the AP Exams correlates highly to success in college. LHS offers AP courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Computer Science, Calculus, and US History.

The recent 2015 AP Exam Score Summary, provided to participating schools by the College Board, shows LHS has again increased participation and performance. Since 2013 the number of AP students per year has increased from 15 to 37, the number of exams taken increased from 18 to 56, and the number of students scoring a 3 or above on at least one exam increased from 10 to 23. Cohort performance has remained level.

“These results are very encouraging,” stated Dr. Meakin, High School Principal. “They are a further indication that increasing access to academic courses for all 9th grade students is allowing more students to reach these extremely challenging courses,” he added.

AP course enrollment is up again for the 2015-16 school year. “We want to see as many students as possible extend their educational boundaries by participating in these courses,” said Dr. Meakin. “Our teachers are working so hard to prepare a quality AP experience and we are saying that if a student wants to commit then we are going to help them be successful in an AP curriculum.”

Students and parents interested in AP level courses should contact their guidance counselor to discuss enrollment options and schedule the correct preparatory classes.