High School Report Cards Reissued via Email

High School Report Cards Reissued via Email

Today, we reissued the Quarter 2 report cards via email. 

If you still did not receive the report card via email, please contact the school to ensure the email address we have on file for you is correct.  Regardless, we will be happy to print a report card for you if needed.  Also, please do not forget, the parent portal (found under Parents and Community - MMS Portal) allows you the opportunity to see grades and attendance regularly and print a report card the instant they are available.

What happened to cause this?  As we moved to Google Mail as a district during the month of December, our student information system (the one that tracks all the grades, etc. for our students) was not talking correctly to Google Mail even though through all appearances, it seemed to be.  When the report card email button was pressed, the system did not know where to send those emails even though it gave a success message.  Our Technology Department did an amazing job tracking down the issue inside the student management system, resolving it and documenting the error to ensure we have the necessary information for next time.

We appreciate your patience and the opportunity to learn something new regarding our email system and student information system.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Jodi Obenstine
Director of Technology
(717) 359-4146 x. 5280