As the scholarships come in, we will activate them in blue. Those in black have been given out in past years. Hopefully they come in again for this school year.

Scholarship Scholarship Organization/Company
Epilepsy Scholarship  3/16/18  
Stolte Scholarship      Deadline 4/30/18 Church/Ministry Vocation
Clarence Schock Foundation Scholarship  Deadline 2/23/18 Millersville University
PAEOP Award   Deadline 4/27/18 Penn Link
Adams Electric Scholarship   Deadline 3/16/18 Adams Electric Cooperative
Conewago Charitable Foundation Scholarship  Deadline 4/2/18 Conewago Enterprises Inc.
Charles Kidder Essay Contest    Deadline 3/16/18 Hanover Area Managment Assn. Inc.
Good Samaritan Lodge Scholarship    Deadline 4-1-18 Good Samaritan Masonic Lodge #336
Snowmobile Club of Adams County Scholarship    Deadline 3/22/18 Snowmobile Club of Adams County
Miriam A. Bechtel Scholarship  Deadline 3/29/18 Nursing, Medical, Dental....
United Steelworkers scholarship    3/15/18  

Harrisburg Singers            DEADLINE: 3/11/18

Starview Sportsman Assoc. Scholarship            DEADLINE: 4/13/18

Pennsylvania American Legion Scholarships

Dan Geiger Scholarship    Deadline 4/1/18

Road to Safety Scholarship   Deadline 4/27/18

Christensen & Hymas General Scholarship

Empire Beauty School   Deadline 8/1/18

Kiwanis Club of Hanover Scholarship  Deadline  3-29-18

Gettysburg Garden Club Scholarship  Deadline  4-15-18

Florence deHaven Stick Scholarship  Deadline 3-16-18

Penna. House of Rep. Scholarship  Deadline 3-1-18

Adams Co. Bar Assoc. Scholarship  Deadline 4-2-18

Samuel H. Shipley Scholarship  Deadline 4-1-18

Wholeren Education Award For Multiculturalism  Deadline 3-31-18

Richard Boyd Workers' Scholarship  Deadline  4-9-18

Woman's Club of Gettysburg Scholarship  Deadline 4-4-18

Lake Heritage Scholarship  Deadline 4-9-18

York-Adams 2 Cylinder CLub Scholarship  Deadline 3-31-2018

Promoting Future Educators Scholarshp  Deadline 4-27-18

Southern York Co. Bus. Assoc. Scholarship Deadline 3-9-18

Gettysburg Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Deadline 4-20-18

Biglerville Garden Club  Deadline 4-15-18

Ladies Auxiliary of Hanover Elks Scholarship  Deadline 4-1-2018 

LeOra L. Held recruitment grant  deadline 4-15-18