Choosing a Career

What to Consider as You Make Your Career Choice:

  • Job Opportunities
  • Job Search
  • Job Outlook
  • Job Requirements
  • Job Benefits
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Applying for a Job

Relationship of School to Work

There are many opportunities to take courses in a school that will give you insight into different careers. (Business courses, Agriculture classes, Technology classes, Teaching, etc) Not only are employers interested in how well the students have done in school but they are also looking for classes in computers, math and communications. Beyond that more employers are checking with schools about the following data. They have found that in most cases there is a definite relationship in these categories.

Attitudes at school - -are related to- - - Attitudes at work
Learning task oriented   Job task oriented
On time to class   On time to job
School attendance   Job attendance
Get along with students   Get along with other workers
Get along with teachers   Get along with boss
Team player at school   Team player at work