Unique Culinary


This course is designed to explore one career of the food industry, cake baker and decorator, reviewing previously learned kitchen techniques and principles, safety and sanitation practices, and sharpen your basic culinary skills. We will explore healthy food choices and meals, and how they fit into a healthy lifestyle to help prevent various health issues that may be encountered later in life.

Be advised that this is not an eating class. It is a great class but it is also a working class. We will learn the theory and principles regarding many cooking techniques in addition to having numerous lab experiences.

What we do:

  • Review basic techniques while incorporating new information.
  • Safety and sanitation, basic tools and equipment, basic cooking techniques
  • Baking Industry - Cakes
    • Functions and use of ingredients, cake classifications, unusual ingredient and specialty cakes, four basic frostings, and learn the basics of cake decorating
  • Holiday and Specialty Treats
    • Candy making, edible centerpieces/ arrangements, pastries, and pies