Littlestown High School Family and Consumer Science


The Family and Consumer Sciences Departments offers a variety of elective class options for a class levels. These include:

Class Options 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Family and Consumer Science Fundamentals X X X X
Basic Culinary   X X X
Advanced Culinary*   X X X
Unique Culinary*   X X X
Gourmet Foods**     X X
Independent Living   X X X
Child Care       X

*Students that wish to take Advanced or Unique Culinary are required to first take Basic Culinary and pass with at least a 70% (C).

**Students that wish to take Gourmet Foods must first take and pass Basic Culinary and Advanced or Unique Culinary with at least a 70% (C). It is strongly recommended that students take both Advanced and Unique Culinary before proceeding to Gourmet Foods.