Family & Consumer Science Fundamentals

TAUGHT BY: Ms. Hess & Mrs. Beach

An overview of the family and consumer sciences curriculum is explored in this fundamental class. Basic food and nutrition with emphasis on kitchen basics and food cookery are introduced during laboratory experiences. Sewing techniques for independent living will be introduced in a short unit with project construction. Major emphasis is on the development of children during the first year of life to age six. An interior design room project, selected by the student will be used to study the basic design elements and principles.

What we do:

Quarter 1- Sewing

  • Fashion trends
  • Project construction
  • Accurate measurement
  • Pattern study
  • Use of machine and hand sewing techniques
  • Safety regulations, information disclosure, concerns

NOTE: Students are responsible for purchasing materials for the boxer shorts sewing project. $13.00 (cash or check payable to LHS FCS) is due by September 22, 2014. If not turned in student will be assigned an alternate project.

Quarter 2- Foods and Nutrition:

  • Use basic equipment and measurement skills
  • Use of kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen and food preparation terminology
  • Food preparation techniques: Units – healthy snacks, microwave cookery, breakfast, baking
  • Daily meal planning and preparation processes
  • Nutritional guidelines – my plate and dietary guidelines
  • Food safety and sanitation

Quarter 3- Interior Design:

  • Defining the function of a room
  • Room layout
  • Elements and principles of design
  • Focal point and atmosphere in a room
  • Decorating a room – contents, cost, and priorities
  • Organizing a room – clean and clutter control

Quarter 4- Child Development:

  • Physical development during the first six years
  • Emotional and social development during the first six years
  • Intellectual development during the first six years
  • Keeping children safe
  • Appropriate care, play, and learning opportunities for children