Academics - Business

Mr. Scott Staub
Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis

Each student is given an opportunity at Littlestown High School to pursue the business electives. Enrollment is encouraged during the 9th grade. The business department prepares the student for careers in such fields as clerical office workers, bookkeepers, payroll clerks, data processors, computer consultants, typists, transcribers, secretaries, general office positions, and web design.

To be recognized as a business student at graduation, the student must have a minimum requirement of one (1) credit in each of the following areas:

Business Electives Instructor
Accounting I Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis
Accounting II Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis
Advanced Word Processing Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis
Business Law Mr. Scott Staub
Business Presentation Mr. Scott Staub
Desktop Publications Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis
Internet and Web Design Mr. Scott Staub
Internet and Web Design II Mr. Scott Staub
Marketing I Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis
Personal Finance Mr. Scott Staub
Publications I & II Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis
Spreadsheet/Data Applications Mr. Scott Staub
Web Applications Mr. Scott Staub
Diversified Occupations Mrs. Lena Showers-Lewis