About Littlestown High School

Littlestown High School is a comprehensive high school serving grades 9-12. Approximately 640 students are enrolled.

The high school administration and faculty are committed to providing students with a variety of academic, co-curricular, and extra curricular activities. We believe participation and sound preparation in all of these areas allows a student to prepare for the rigors of life beyond high school.

Academics – We believe all children can succeed. In 9th grade, all students take academic level courses with extra supports, interventions, and extensions for students who need it. This translates into students selecting higher level courses in grades 10-12. This is evidenced by the marked increase in the number of students taking AP level courses. In addition, we received our first US News & World Report Best High School in the US Bronze Award and we were rated in the Top 5% of high schools in PA based on our 2015 School Performance Profile Score.

Co-Curricular – Our FBLA, DECA, and FFA students have done exceptionally well in local, state, and even national competition. The programs are well-supported, admirably mentored by knowledgeable faculty, and add great depth to the high school experience. Our band, choir, and show choir perform several times a year and participants have enjoyed success.

Extra curricular – We offer a full range of competitive sports programs and activities. Whether students are interested in showing their prowess in athletic competition, music and art, or organizations such as student council, an opportunity exists.

So, Welcome. We look forward to supporting all students through their high school careers and beyond.

Dr. Matthew Meakin, Principal