Classroom Phones

Littlestown Area School District's Digium telephone system is a Voice Over IP system (VOIP) where the phones are powered through ethernet cables from the computer system. Your phone should show the LIttlestown Area School District logo on its screen. If it does not, please enter a SchoolDude request for assistance as this may also affect your computer's performance. There are four buttons below the screen which correspond to the titles (called soft keys) at the bottom of the screen and give you access to missed calls and the list of district contacts among other things. The contacts list is searchable by last name. Simply key in the first few letters of the last name of the person you wish to contact, and his or her name will appear on the screen. You may also scroll through the list. The soft key titles will change depending upon what you are doing on the telephone, so always pay attention to them.

In order to access your voice mail, you must first activate it by dialing 8999 and entering your phone password (contact the IT department through SchoolDude if you do not know it). You will then hear a prompt to dial 0 for more options. One of the options is to record your unavailable message and another is to record your name. Please do this so that callers will know they have reached the correct mailbox. Another option is to change your password. When you do this, please choose something you will remember as IT does not have access to your password.

Your phone has a light in the upper right corner which will blink red when you have a message. Again dial 8999 and enter your password to access the voicemail. Please listen for the prompts for your options once you have heard the message. Through the wonders of technology and as a convenience, you will also receive a gmail message when someone has left you a voicemail. You may listen to the voicemail through the gmail, however deleting the voicemail through gmail does not delete it from your telephone voicemail. You can only delete a message through your telephone.

To set your ringtone and the loudness of your handset, you should press the More soft key, press More again, press Menu and choose #3 - Preferences. Use the arrow keys next to the number keys on your phone to scroll through the options and make a choice. Under Preferences, choose Sound Settings. With Default Ringtone highlighted, you can choose the Change soft key and listen to other tones. When you choose a tone, be sure to press the Submit soft key to save it. Your volume settings are also under Sound Settings.

You may notice the top line on your screen can show different icons - the envelope indicates a message, the handset indicates a missed call. You can clear this line by hitting the top button to the right of the screen. Your extension number is listed at the top right of your screen. Under it are three additional spaces with buttons connected to them. You can program your phone to have important numbers, either within the district or outside, connected to these buttons so that you can quickly call someone with just a push of the button. To do this, go to and enter your extension and password. Under the Features tab, choose Phone Books. To add a number, click on Create Phonebook Entry and choose either Extension (if it is a district number) or External Number (if it is an outside number). For external numbers, key in the number exactly as you would dial it - 1areacodeXXXXXXX  (e.g. 17273594146) with no spaces or dashes. Then click Save Phonebook Entry. Once you have more than one number added, you have the ability to switch their order by clicking the double-headed green arrow, holding, and dragging the number to where you want it. When finished, choose Sync Contacts at the top. After a few minutes, your phone screen will change to show the new numbers/order.