Board and Superintendent Goals

The Board shall evaluate, in writing, the performance of District Superintendent at least once a year during the term of this Contract, no later than June 30th of each year, unless the parties mutually agree in writing on another date for the annual evaluation. The annual performance assessment shall be conducted in an executive session limited to members of the Board of School Directors and the District Superintendent. An evaluation instrument and method mutually agreed upon in writing by the Board and the District Superintendent shall be utilized for the annual performance assessment. Provided, however, that any evaluation instrument and method selected shall require the Board of School Directors to speak in one voice as an entire Board rather than “averaging” the feedback of each member regarding each aspect of the evaluation. In the event the Board consensus determines that the performance of the District Superintendent is unsatisfactory in any respect, it shall describe in writing, in reasonable detail, the specific instances of unsatisfactory performance. A copy of the written evaluation shall be delivered to the District Superintendent. The District Superintendent shall have the right to make a written response to the evaluation. The Board’s evaluations and the District Superintendent’s response(s) shall be totally private and in no manner become public knowledge or conversation, except as otherwise expressly required by state or federal law. The District Superintendent’s performance shall be deemed satisfactory and the District Superintendent shall not be subject to discipline, discharge or termination on the basis of neglect of duty or incompetency in any year when a formal performance assessment is not completed in accordance with this Contract.

The performance assessment shall be used for the following purposes:

  1. To strengthen the working relationship between the Board and the District Superintendent and to clarify for the District Superintendent and individual members of the Board of School Directors the responsibilities the Board relies on the District Superintendent to fulfill;
  2. To discuss and establish goals and/or objective performance standards for the ensuing year; and
  3. To establish the basis for pos sible incremental adjustments in the annual salary rate for the District Superintendent.

See Board and Superintendent Goals for performance areas.


School Board

Mrs. Jeanne Ewen

Board Member

Mr. Robert Hahn

Board Treasurer

Mrs. Melinda Jones

Board Member

Mrs. Shari Kruger

Board Member

Mr. Brian Lawyer

Board Member

Mrs. Jennifer McClay

Board Member

Mrs. Dolores Nester

School Board President

Mr. Carl Thompson

Board Vice President

Mr. Yancy Unger

Board Member



Robert Hahn - Chair

Melinda Jones

Yancy Unger

Carl Thompson


Carl Thompson - Chair

Dolores Nester

Curriculum, co-curriculum, and policy

Jennifer McClay - Chair

Brian Lawyer

Jeanne Ewen

Shari Kruger

tech prep representative Carl Thompson
foundation representative Robert Hahn
York/Adams Tax Bureau Representative Mike Statler
Treasurer Representative Robert Hahn