Littlestown FFA Community Garden Project donates nearly 5 ton of food to local food banks

Littlestown FFA Community Garden Project donates nearly 5 ton of food to local food banks

In August of 2017, the Littlestown FFA harvested a total of 986 dozen of sweet corn (approximately 9,860lbs) that required several truck loads for delivery to the agencies.  These agencies were South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP), Bethel Assembly of God, and Bart’s Church.  Other vegetables including peppers, tomatoes, squash, and peas were delivered as they matured throughout the summer.


The idea for the garden project came from a State level FFA Leadership Conference called Agricultural Cooperation Establishes Success (A.C.E.S.).  At the A.C.E.S. Conference, leaders stated local food banks had a need for fresh produce.  The Littlestown FFA members thought they could help fill this void.  To do the project however; the members would need to have approval by the school since it would be grown on school property.  In April of 2017, the Littlestown FFA received approval from the school board to plant a garden to grow a one acre garden to donate to local food banks.  The Littlestown FFA members completed the spraying, planting, and harvesting of the crop. 

Members who assisted in this project were:  Cheyenne Schisler, Travis Hartlaub, Jeremiah Koontz, Josh Keene, Jason Penton, Billy Brown, Priscilla Poole, Rebecca Lee, and Danielle Reed.  The FFA members also received some corn picking assistance from some members of S.C.C.A.P..  The sweet corn seed was donated to the FFA by Littlestown Alumni Matt Kehr, Kehr Agricultural Solutions.  

The FFA members who participated felt great pride in what they did to help provide good fresh produce to many in the community who were in need and grateful for the donation.  The feeling of all of the FFA members was an overwhelming agreement that although it was a lot of work,  they are grateful to the school board for allowing this project and are hoping to be able to continue this in the future.

Written by: Travis Hartlaub 2017-18 FFA News Reporter

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