Charges Against School District Employee

Charges Against School District Employee

Littlestown Community,

I am communicating to you as a father and the Superintendent of Schools about a difficult issue.   Today, you may have heard about charges being filed against a Littlestown employee, Mr. Oaster.  The Littlestown Area School District is saddened by the allegations and charges pending.  My heart goes out to any person indirectly or directly affected by the conduct.  

The Littlestown Area School District’s number one priority is to maintain a safe school environment for students and employees to learn and grow.  We received a complaint on April 7th, 2017 about an employee.  The school district turned the matter over to local law enforcement and child protective services within hours of the complaint.  On the next work day, the employee was placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.   We continue to work with local agencies to ensure a full and thorough investigation will be completed in a timely manner.  

I want to be very clear in my objectives moving forward. 

  1. Ensure a full investigation is completed.
  2. Work diligently to protect all who shared their complaints and potential victims.
  3. Act swiftly upon receiving the final results of the investigation.
  4. Enhance safety precautions to prevent future offenses. 

Please be patient as we work through all of the items above over the coming weeks.  It is not uncommon for matters similar to this to take some time to resolve.  Rest assured that we will do everything we can within the laws of the Commonwealth to keep our children free from harm.


Christopher E. Bigger