Littlestown Cares

Littlestown Cares

In my 18 months serving as Superintendent in Littlestown, I have been privileged to see the community love and care for their children.  We have an overwhelming number of students and adults who go out of their way to help others on a daily basis.  Recently, the world is challenging our values and character through a variety of news outlets and sources.  The anger and hatred in which the messages are being delivered sometimes fuels emotions coupled with inappropriate actions.  The education profession is a wonderful place to peacefully direct energies into classroom discussions.  

Reactions recently cited are focusing on all the negative and hateful behaviors of others instead of the daily actions of acceptance and unity.   It is because of the intense negative approach of many, I am asking you to continue to communicate, model, and display positive and encouraging messages for our youth. 

Passions aroused by the election should not become abusive, racist or humiliating. Such actions will not be tolerated.  If anyone witnesses any hate or harassment please report it to a school employee or school official.  All incidents will be handled swiftly and appropriately.   


Christopher E. Bigger, Superintendent