Say Thanks to our School Board Members! School Board Recognition Month is January!

Say Thanks to our School Board Members! School Board Recognition Month is January!

Public education is more than just learning the basic math, science, English and history; it’s a platform for students to reach their potential. It inspires hope for a new generation and a successful future. Our School District exists in part because individuals volunteer their time to make informed decisions about the issues facing public schools. Every January we celebrate these everyday heroes – the nine elected school board members who serve our students and educational system.

Our School Board Members are:

Dolores E. Nester, President, 2 years of service
D. Randy Mosebrook, Vice-President, 6 years of service
Robert A. Hahn, Treasurer, 2 years of service
Lauren K. Nace, 7 years of service
Louis (Larry) Behrendt, 2 years of service
Melinda C. Jones, 2 years of service
Carl S. Thompson, 2 years of service
Jennifer J. McClay, 2 years of service
James L. Witt, 2 years of service
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School directors volunteer, on average, 20 hours a month to help run the schools in our community. The school board makes difficult decisions for the betterment of our students. They vote on multi-million dollar budgets, hire staff, select textbooks, review bus schedules and curriculum, to name a few. These dedicated volunteers reside in our community. They are our friends, neighbors, community leaders, parents at your school and engaged senior citizens.

During this month of recognition we ask you, the school directors’ fellow community members, to show your appreciation for their service. Please show your gratitude in some way for their time, effort, and dedication to public education’s advancement. Thank them for advocating on behalf of our collective interests and making the difficult decisions. Most importantly, thank them for being everyday heroes and making our students’ success their priority!

Interesting facts on School Board Members from the Pennsylvania School Board Association