The 2015 Employee Engagement Survey Results Are In!

The 2015 Employee Engagement Survey Results Are In!

Below you will find the results of the Spring 2015 Staff Engagement Survey for all employees. I want to thank all employees for taking the time to answer the questions and provide feedback on their level of engagement.   We will be using the community survey data, staff engagement data and student engagement data to assist in crafting the LASD vision and making improvements throughout the district.  Stay tuned and stay engaged. 

2015 Employee Engagement Survey Results

Highlights Below

Glowing Areas:  

·       95% indicated you are motivated to contribute more than what is expected. 

·       88% indicated meeting students’ needs is the number one priority.

·       85% indicated your principal and or supervisor allows you to make decisions on how best to do your work.

·       87% indicated you have the education and training to do your best work.

Growth Areas:

·       40% indicated the district training helps you work more effectively.

·       59% indicated work is distributed fairly.

·       47% indicated the evaluation tool is helpful in assessing work performance. 

·       39% indicated the district office explains how decisions are made.

Chris Bigger