Message to Staff

Message to Staff

Dear Staff,


I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of the parents and guardians for your dedication to student learning and emotional well-being.  You go above and beyond the call of duty and this past week was no different.  You are all commended for talking to the students who may have been anxious, or asked the student standing alone if things are okay, and many more acts of kindness. 


You are all wonderful and kind human beings for your commitment to public education.  As we move forward over the next couple of months, continue to keep your eyes and ears open for concerns that will help improve our overall safety efforts.   We will be reviewing policies and procedures in an attempt to respond to the recent events with reasonable and sustainable action plans.   


Please know you are respected, trusted, and recognized for your daily contributions to the lives of students and the community.  Have a well-deserved and restful weekend.  If you need to speak with me for any reason my phone number is 717-729-7692


Chris Bigger


PS:  I will do everything I can to ensure we keep our school routines safe and intact for you, and our students, and families.  We will stand strong in not allowing evil disrupt our schools.