Hello Littlestown Bolt Familiies!

Hello Littlestown Bolt Familiies!


Hello Littlestown Bolt Families,

As Littlestown Area School District's new superintendent, I am extremely excited to become involved in the Bolt family and in the community.  I am currently in the process of creating an entry plan in the hopes of gaining as much input as possible in creating a guiding vision for the students.  The plan consists of survey data, interviews, reviews of LASD educational performance, budgetary stability, school safety and much more. I will be compiling all of this information throughout the spring and early summer. 

I come from the small town of South Williamsport Pennsylvania, home of the Little League World Series. I enjoy the small towns of Pennsylvania and I cannot wait to become an active member of Littlestown. I have three daughters, ages 21, 20 and 16. I am a Penn State and Lehigh University graduate. I was the first to go to college in my family and my dream is to make sure every child has access to the same quality education in public school as well as post high school education I received.  Every child must be prepared for more learning after high school. Their futures depend on our ability to prepare them for a future that we are unsure will look like. 

Enough about me, please tell me about you and how we can continue to make Littlestown a world class education and community. 

Please help me improve the school and community connection by providing your feedback on this survey or feel free to come in to the district office and visit me after March 20th, 2015.  

Warmest Wishes
Chris Bigger
Superintendent of Littlestown Area School District