Spring Brings Results!

Spring Brings Results!


PSSA Spring 2015 Results

2015 Spring Student Engagement Survey Results


MAY 2015

Below you will find the results of the Spring 2015 Staff Engagement Survey for all employees.  I want to thank our employees for taking the time to answer the questions and provide feedback on their level of engagement.   We will be using the community survey data, staff engagement data and student engagement data to assist in crafting the LASD vision and making improvements throughout the district.  Stay tuned and stay engaged. 

2015 Employee Engagement Survey Results

Highlights of the Employee Survey:

Glowing Areas:  

95% indicated you are motivated to contribute more than what is expected. 

88% indicated meeting students’ needs is the number one priority.

85% indicated your principal and or supervisor allows you to make decisions on how best to do your work.

87% indicated you have the education and training to do your best work.

Growth Areas:

40% indicated the district training helps you work more effectively.

59% indicated work is distributed fairly.

47% indicated the evaluation tool is helpful in assessing work performance. 

39% indicated the district office explains how decisions are made.

Chris Bigger


Spring 2015

As your Superintendent, I want to thank you all for the pleasant reception I have received to Littlestown Area School District.  During the first four weeks in the schools, I have nothing but wonderful things to share about the staff and the community.   In fact, about 500 of you participated in the community survey.  Thank you so much for your participation.   The results of the 2015 Spring Community survey can be found by clicking on the link below.  The survey and my first four weeks in the schools both show we have an amazing and caring staff.

2015 Spring Community Survey Results

A quick overview of the survey results indicating:

•  66% of the community gave the school a ranking of A or B.

•  60% of the community believes we spend tax dollars to support students.

•  83% of the community believes our teachers care about students.

•  71% of the community believes we have high expectations for our students.

•  72% of the community would recommend others to move into LASD.

Top 5 ranked areas to work on for improving our schools include:

1.  Providing a safe learning environment.

2.  Keeping class sizes small.

3.  Expand learning opportunities for students achieving at or above grade level.

4. Increasing access to technology in the schools. 

5. Meeting the needs of diverse learners and students in disadvantaged circumstances. 

In the area of communication, 85% of you prefer to receive online information about the schools.   In fact the top three areas respondents get information from is the automated phone and emails system, then the website and finally the e-newsletter.   68% of the respondents indicated we do not ask for input.  This is one of the many areas we will work hard to improve.  We are hoping this survey is the beginning of a new routine of asking for your opinion and input into the continual improvement of Littlestown Area School District.  We will be working on recrafting the LASD vision to meet the needs mentioned above while maintaining traditions.  Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved in shaping the future of the Littlestown Area School District.

In other news, the LASD School Board initiated a process to improve our academic and extra-curricular facilities.  After the school board toured the buildings we all agreed we need to make some improvements.    We have secured $14 million dollars in funding at the lowest interest rates in a decade.  In the next two months we will be providing at least four options to be reviewed.   Our goal is to target the antiquated buildings of Maple Avenue and Rolling Acres while we address other major facility concerns at the high school and athletic field usage.  Our focus is on quality and excellence. 

Stay tuned, stay engaged and stay heathy.  Thank you, thank you and forever thank you for your invaluable input and participation in the education of every child, every day in every way.

Warmest Wishes,


Chris Bigger, Superintendent of Littlestown Area School District