Improving Learning: Every Student, Every Day, Every Way 

As we look to begin the second half of the school year, we are concentrating on budget preparation and continue work to improve the learning opportunities for our students.

Here are several items we are very proud of as a District and I just want to make sure all District residents are aware of the positive results which are a tribute to hard working students, teachers, and administrators.

On the first ever released Pennsylvania School Performance Profile, the average of all four building scores combined was 85.5%. The state average was 77.1% so we are pleased to be performing above the state average. The 85.5% is also the highest combined score of all Adams County School Districts!

The District also spends 76% of the total general fund budget on programs, personnel and support that directly impacts instruction and learning for all students. Out of all the districts in Adams County, we are also first in spending the largest percentage of general fund money going directly to benefit instruction and learning. The percentage is also well above the state average of percentage of dollars being spent to directly impact learning.

A third statistic worthy of noting about our District is the class size range for kindergarten through 5th grade is 15 students, being the smallest class to 24 students, being the largest class. This is ideal class size for the elementary level and once again is the best elementary class size range in Adams County and is also ranked high within the state public school system.

The above statistics are a result of keeping our focus to improve learning for every student, every day, every way. As we continue to improve, moving into the second half of the year, we will continue to make student learning our focus.


Donald J. Wills, D. Ed.
Superintendent of Schools