SchoolDude is Littlestown Area School District's helpdesk. Through it, you may contact either the IT Department for Technology issues or the Maintenance Department for mechanical issues. On the district website, go to the Employees tab and scroll down to SchoolDude. It is a self-enrolling program, so the first time you want to use it, you will need to enter your gmail address. Once the screen opens, please pay attention to the tabs at the top left and choose the appropriate department. At the screen to enter your issue, there are required fields indicated by a red checkmark. Please enter the requested information and choose your problem type. In the description field, please put a detailed message including times when it is convenient to have IT or Maintenance personnel in your room. To submit the issue, please press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen; you will be prompted for a password. The submittal password is the same for everyone - tbolts. As your issue is addressed, any information entered by either IT or Maintenance will come to you via your gmail account, including notice that the help ticket has been closed and completed.