Curriculum & Technology

Welcome to the Curriculum and Technology page!  At Littlestown Area School District, we are continually working to improve the education of our students through challenging curriculum supported by  appropriate technology in the classroom. 

Our Staff:

Dr. Lori J. Stollar
Director of Curriculum and Technology
717-359-4146 x 1225

Mrs. Cynthia Bushey
Administrative Assistant, 
Curriculum and Technology
717-359-4146 x 2911

Mr. Corey Zortman
Network Supervisor  

717-359-4146 x 2912

Mr. Jacob Reed
Technology Technician
717-359-4146 x 2913

Mrs. Gabrielle Sipe
Technology Integrator
717-359-4146 x 4418

Mrs. Janet Reynolds
Administrative Assistant,
Pupil Services
Act 48 Hours
717-359-4146 x 1281